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Jiangsu nickel alloy Co Ltd is a giant High Tech company consisted of producing researching development and special alloy manufacturing Since the time the company was found it has awarded Jiangsu Innovative Enterprise Jiangsu High Tech Enterprise and was founded privately The company also participated in the international GB T1234 standard of alloy drafting conference The company was founded in 1995 and is a high tech enterprise in Jiangsu province The company specialized in producing electric heating alloy high temperature alloy precision alloy special welding wire corrosion resistance alloy heat resistance steel and other materials At present the Company can produce 6000 tons alloy...

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Resistance Electrothermal Alloy

High Temperature Alloy

Corrosion-Resistance Alloy

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Nickel Alloy Welding Wire\Welding Consumables

Heat-Resistance Steel

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Chemical Compositioncorrosion resistant alloys wikiThe best High Temperature AlloyCustomized Heat-resistant AlloySelected High Temperature AlloyThe Inconel 600 Steel MachiningGood Quality GH1131 Strip AlloyNickel Alloy Inconel X-750 wireMonel K500 Chemical CompositionPreferred Nickel-chromium AlloyThe best A-286 Nickel Alloy BarThe Inconel 600 Steel PropertiesHastelloy B2 Seamless Tube AlloyNickel Chromium Alloy PropertiesThe Inconel 625 Tensile StrengthResistivity of Metals and AlloysIron Chromium Aluminum Wire MeshFecral Resistance Heating AlloysHigh Quality GH4169 Nickel AlloyThe Stainless Steel Welding WireThe Incoloy 800h for CompositionHigh Temperature Alloy Wire MeshPrecision Iso9001 Aluminum AlloySolid Wear-resistant Alloy SheetZirconium Wire Price Metal AlloyBest Hastelloy C276 Welding WireThe Alloy X Chemical CompositionElectric Heating Alloy Wire MeshDirect Supply of Alloy ResistanceFactory Professional Custom AlloyWide Range Of High-quality AlloysAlloy the 20 Chemical 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AlloyHeating Resistance Electric Heating AlloyNatural Gas Industry Stainless Steel AlloyThe ERNiCu-7 Nickel-copper Alloy Bare Wire0Cr25Al5 resistance electric heating alloyNickel-chromium-iron Electric Heating AlloyHot selling resistance electrothermal alloyHigh Temperature Copper Tungsten Alloy TubeHigh Resistance Electric Heating Alloy WireHigh-quality And Inexpensive Alloy ResistorsNiobium-titanium Superconducting Alloy SheetCorrosion-resistant High-quality Alloy SheetWear-resistant And Corrosion-resistant AlloySupply Of Precision Corrosion Resistant AlloyHeating Nickel-chromium-iron Resistance AlloyElectric Heating Alloy Heating Resistance WireCorrosion And High Temperature Resistant AlloyElectrical Resistance and Heating Element Wires
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